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Natural Farming & Living


In 1996, we started to apply Masanobu Fukuoka’s principles of Natural Farming after attending a seminar. We decided to develop a food forest without any fertilizers, pesticides, cultivation or weeding from a Coconut monoculture.

Today, we have Fruits, Vegetables, Tubers, Spices, Ornamental, Medicinal and Aromatic plants, Trees, Rice and other plants. Our main work on the farm is to harvest. 

" The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings "

                                        - Masanobu Fukuoka

The Community Lifestyle 

" Be the change you wish to see in the world " 

                                                              - M K Gandhi


We have broadened the Natural Farming concept and have extended our focus on Natural Living in the areas like food, health, learning and habitat.


Our community: Krishna, Lakshmi, Raghava, Kruthii, Visista, Varchas, dogs, cat, hens, turkeys, guinea fowls, ducks, horses, all the living and non living creatures at Aikanthika. ​

Food: Instead of fast food and packaged food, we are focusing on traditional and natural food. We have stopped using milk and its products. Eventually producing our own food and reaching self sufficiency.

Health: Changing lifestyle, Home Remedies, Naturopathy and Homeopathy are the alternative systems we have adopted for our health needs and moving towards medicine free life


Learning: Learning is a natural instinct, in all living creatures. No animal, bird or insect goes to school for learning. We human beings, also have the natural instinct for learning. For learning we don’t need to go to a school, we learn every moment as part of the life. In India we call it Swashikshan method of learning, which means self learning. In other parts, they use terms like homeschooling, unschooling, free learning.


Habitat: Natural building, eco friendly and low cost. We are using Natural Materials mainly like mud, stones, wood and lime. For water source we have a pond, a well and running canal water. In the future we would like to live more self reliantly for our energy needs. 

Lifestyle: Using biodegradable toiletries, Eco friendly clothing, no television, no refrigerator. Reducing the usage of company produced products.

 " Live Happily by Simplifying Life. "                                                             - Raghava


Learning by getting hands on experiences through volunteering, workshops and courses

Natural Building Experience


Volunteer with us !

 Depending on the period of volunteering or timeline, you will be having opportunities to help us in different fields like :

  • Constructing natural buildings (house, compost toilet, bathrooms, cottages…)

  • Planning, designing and taking care of the vegetable gardens and the rice fields

  • Grey water management system

  • Rocket Stove building

  • Traditional Cob Oven cooking experiences

  • Making a pond which can be maintained naturally


                        And much more ! 

If you are interested, please check our Handbook to know more about our place and lifestyle :





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